First steps of using googleVis on shiny

The guys at RStudio have done a fantastic job with shiny. It is really easy to build web apps with R using shiny. With the help of Joe Cheng from RStudio we figured out a way to make googleVis work on shiny as well. This allows you to make use of the Google Charts Tools in your shiny app directly from R. What I present here are three initial examples which seem to work in most browsers.

Comparing regions: maps, cartograms and tree maps

Last week I attended a seminar where a talk was given about the economic opportunities in the SAAAME (South-America, Asia, Africa and Middle East) regions. Of course a map was shown with those regions highlighted. The map was not that disimilar to the one below. library(RColorBrewer) library(rworldmap) data(countryExData) par(mai=c(0,0,0.2,0),xaxs="i",yaxs="i") mapByRegion( countryExData, nameDataColumn="GDP_capita.MRYA", joinCode="ISO3", nameJoinColumn="ISO3V10", regionType="Stern", mapTitle=" ", addLegend=FALSE, FUN="mean", colourPalette=brewer.pal(6, "Blues")) It is a map that most of us in the Northern hemisphere see often.