R in Insurance: Abstract submission closes end of March

Hurry! The abstract submission deadline for the 3rd R in Insurance conference in Amsterdam, 29 June 2015 is approaching soon.

You have until the 28th of March to submit a one-page abstract for consideration. Both academic and practitioner proposals related to R are encouraged. Please email your abstract of no more than 300 words (in text or pdf format) to [email protected].

The intended audience of the conference includes both academics and practitioners who are active or interested in the applications of R in insurance.

Invited talks will be given by:
  • Prof. Richard Gill, Leiden University
  • Dr James Guszcza, FCAS, Chief Data Scientist, Deloitte - US

Details about the registration are given on the dedicated R in Insurance page at the University of Amsterdam.

Special thanks to our sponsors again: Rstudio, Cybea, Applied AI, Milliman, QBE, AEGON and Delta Lloyd Amsterdam.

Btw, notes from last year’s conference were published in the R Journal.


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