R in Insurance: Presentations are online

The programme and the presentation files of the first R in Insurance conference have been published on GitHub.

Front slides of the conference presentations
Additionally to the slides many presenters have made their R code available as well:
  • Alexander McNeil shared the examples of the CreditRisk+ model he presented.
  • Lola Miranda made a Windows version of the double chain-ladder package DCL available via the Cass knowledge web site.
  • Alessandro Carrato’s 1-year re-reserving code is hosted on the ChainLadder project web site.
  • Giorgio Spedicato’s life contingencies package is on CRAN already.
  • Simon Brickman and Adam Rich’s HTML presentation and underlying R code for Automated Reporting is included in the GitHub repository.
  • Stefan Eppert pointed out that KatRisk published an illustrative catastrophe model in R.
  • Hugh Shanahan’s code to integrate R with Azure for high-throughput analysis is on GitHub.

Thanks again to all the presenters who have helped to make the event a success.

Hopefully, we see you again next year!


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