Interactive slides with googleVis on shiny

Following on from last week’s post, here are my slides on using googleVis on shiny from the Advanced R workshop at Lancaster University, 21 May 2013.

googleVis on shiny

Again, I wrote my slides in RMarkdown and I used slidify to create the HTML5 presentation. Unfortunately you may have to reload the slides that use googleVis on shiny as the JavaScript code in the background is potentially not ideal. Any pointers, which could help to improve the performance will be much appreciated.

Many of the examples in my slides are taken from my post First steps of using googleVis on shiny, however the presentation also demonstrates that it is possible to inject JavaScript code into a googleVis chart to trigger a shiny event, see also the example below. Click onto a dot in the scatter chart below and a new set of random numbers will be generated and plotted in the histogram. Many thanks to Diego de Castillo for providing this example and RStudio for hosting the shiny apps.


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