Interactive web graphs with R - Overview and googleVis tutorial

Today I feel very lucky, as I have been invited to the Royal Statistical Society conference to give a tutorial on interactive web graphs with R and googleVis.

I prepared my slides with RStudio, knitr, pandoc and slidy, similar to my Cambridge R talk. You can access the RSS slides online here and you find the original R-Markdown file on github. You will notice some HTML code in the file, which I had to use to overcome my knowledge gaps of Markdown or its limitations. However, my output format will always be HTML, so that should be ok. To convert the Rmd-file into a HTML slidy presentation execute the following statements on the command line:

Rscript -e "library(knitr); knit('googleVis_at_RSS_2012.Rmd')"
pandoc -s -S -i -t slidy --mathjax 
  -o googleVis_at_RSS_2012.html

Maintaining R code formatting

While working on my slides I came across the tidy option in knitr. Setting the option tidy to false will maintain the original formatting of the code. This is actually quite helpful when I have longer code chunks. Here is a little example where by default (tidy=TRUE) the tidied code will not fit into one line of my presentation slide:

df <- data.frame(label=c("A", "B", "C"), 


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Markus Gesmann (Sep 05, 2012) Interactive web graphs with R - Overview and googleVis tutorial. Retrieved from

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