Using Sweave with XeLaTeX

Using R with LaTeX via Sweave is a great way to create reproducible output. However, using specific fonts, e.g. your corporate fonts, can be painful with pdflatex. Over the last few weeks I have fallen in love with the TeX format XeLaTeX and its XeTeX engine.

With XeLaTeX I had to overcome some hurdles, which I would like to share here:

  • attaching files,
  • trimming and clipping images,
  • learning how to use the tikzDevice package.

The Sweave file of the above document is attached to the PDF-file itself, but you can also find it on github: SweaveXeLaTeXExample.Rnw.


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Markus Gesmann (Oct 23, 2011) Using Sweave with XeLaTeX. Retrieved from

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